SEKISUI in Europe: About us

All European SEKISUI companies are part of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, which is headquartered in Tokyo and Osaka. Located in Roermond, the Netherlands, SEKISUI EUROPE B.V. as regional headquarters acts as a connecting link between Japan and Europe. By taking care of long-term oriented topics, it enables sustainable business growth and strengthens an efficient governance scheme.

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Focus on tomorrow

Consisting of 9 companies with approximately 1,000 employees, SEKISUI in Europe possesses the capacities as well as the potential to look beyond and focus on tomorrow: The ultimate goal is to develop sustainable solutions in close partnership with our customers to enable them to improve people’s lives – in Europe and all over the world.


Our history

Operating in the European market for more than 50 years, SEKISUI owns a lot of experience. Since the 1960s, SEKISUI has continuously expanded in Europe and spread the philosophy that the seven SEKISUI founders had in mind when they established the company in Japan in 1947: to improve the lives of all people by making efficient use of plastics.

The first subsidiary in Europe was founded when SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH was established as the representative organization of SEKISUI’s European operations in Germany.

SEKISUI ALVEO AG was founded in Switzerland as the basis for further growth in Europe.

Further companies were established in the Netherlands, such as SEKISUI ESLON B.V. in 1974 and SEKISUI S-LEC B.V. in 1996.

Further companies joined the SEKISUI family: SEKISUI ALVEO BS GMBH and SEKISUI SPECIALITY CHEMICALS EUROPE S.L. in 2009.


SEKISUI EUROPE B.V. was announced as official regional headquarters of SEKISUI in Europe.


Business sectors in Europe: our solutions – your way

At SEKISUI in Europe, customers benefit from superior products and reliable services that reflect our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and quality. We offer a comprehensive portfolio which is tailored to satisfy the most specific needs in highly specialized application areas. In Europe, SEKISUI mainly focusses on the following business sectors:

SEKISUI in Europe helps you to shape the future of automotive and transportation by continuously providing sustainable mobility innovations that enable new user experiences.

It is our goal to ensure that urban environments are safe, convenient, and enjoyable – by providing innovative and sustainable high-quality-solutions that improve everyday life.

When it comes to the development of high-quality solutions for electronic devices, we constantly make user satisfaction our primary objective and are focused on optimising performance, heat transfer, and ease of use.

SEKISUI in Europe has a pioneering history of developing high-quality products for the medical and diagnostics sector. With every innovation we share the ambition to improve patient care significantly.

It's not just about the product, but also the right partner

Our unique, cooperation-oriented approach not only allows us to develop long-lasting as well as value-adding solutions, but also makes us a trusted partner for companies in the most diverse industries. In every field we engage in, we are bound to meet our customer’s needs and focus on the improvement of people’s lives.

European companies

SEKISUI in Europe consists of 9 different companies, located all over Europe and offering innovative and sustainable high-performance solutions for various applications.

Our commitments

Sustainability, innovation, quality – everything we do at SEKISUI in Europe is focused on these three aspects. We are convinced that we can help our customers to shape a better future for all people – by developing solutions that take these commitments into account.

SEKISUI worldwide

SEKISUI in Europe is part of the Japanese holding company SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Over 26,000 employees and around 200 highly specialised companies all over the word share an in-depth technical knowledge, innovative power, and profound service expertise in various business fields.