SEKISUI in Europe – broad expertise near you

SEKISUI EUROPE B.V., located in Roermond, is the regional headquarters of the Japanese company SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. It is the connection point between Japan and Europe.

Consisting of 9 companies, SEKISUI in Europe employs around 1,000 people. As all companies were established as individual specialists that now operate under a single roof, SEKISUI in Europe is able to combine internal strengths for providing outstanding products for industrial applications. The numerous subsidiaries in various locations across all of Europe allow for fast accessibility and excellent customer service.

SEKISUI in Europe offers outstanding solutions for industrial applications with focus on four business fields.

The product range from SEKISUI in Europe is comprehensive, spanning from ultra-lightweight automobile components, sound-reduction products for construction and high-performance electronics to fully integrated medical technologies and much more.

Harmonizing growth and social responsibility: SEKISUI strives for developing sustainable solutions that will help improve people’s lives – in Europe and all over the world.

Through prominence and innovation in technology as well as quality, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group aims to making quantitative growth compatible with qualitative transition in its business operations and thereby achieving sustained growth in accordance with its responsibility to society.