In the business field of electronics, the advanced technologies of SEKISUI in Europe facilitate the usage of electronics devices surrounding everyone in the modern world: smartphones, tablets, cameras, car dashboards and many more.

Innovation aiming to technological progress for the people

SEKISUI in Europe manufactures products for higher definition and responsiveness, improving the usage of electronic devices. The product range covers microspheres, resins, foam as well as tape and film products.

The second pillar in the electronics product portfolio targets the improvement of semiconductor performances. As core of all electronic devices, our adhesives and tapes advance the functionality through their stability, transparency and adhesion control in the wafer manufacturing process.


Electronically conductive tapes with strong adhesion properties for FPC, LCM, IC which are also available as shielding tapes against static electricity and electromagnetic noise.

  • #7800 Series – electrically conductive in X-Y and Z direction with high density filling for improved conductivity performance and high adhesion strength. For LCD charging measures (single-sided tape), FPC grand, substrate shield, etc available as well.

Specialty tapes to be used to mount, protect and bound optical materials, displays and other related devices.

  • #5200 Series – line-up of very thin and soft black foam lamination tapes with various thicknesses and adhesives for automotive interior and exterior use. Specialty tape for the mount of CID units, displays and display covers with excellent impact absorption, dustproofing and waterproofing properties.
  • #3800 Series – line-up of very thin and soft black foam lamination tapes with various thicknesses and very strong adhesives intended for light shielding with printed ink on displays.
  • #6800 Series – optical clear protective tape to be used in the production, processing and transport of optical enhancement films of the display industry.
  • #HSV Series – highly-clear display bonding adhesive film without any base layers but purely made of acrylic adhesive.
  • #518F – 1.8mm thick foam lamination mounting tape for interior and exterior components such as display units.

Liquid adhesive and sealant series with various curing modes for electronics applications.

  • Photolec™ – series of adhesive resins that are moisture, UV or heat-curable used for sealing, ODF and fixture for various display applications such as optical lenses, smart phone cover glasses, FPD, CID, smart windows etc. Available with low-outgas and low water-permeability features with a wide variety of viscosities, colours and functions.

These particles, several micrometers in diameter, are sprayed between glass substrates to maintain an even cell gap.

  • Micropearl™SP/GS/EX/EXH/SLC – plastic particles possessing a uniform distribution of particle sizes. Variety of uses (e.g. semiconductor, AT, optical components, etc.).
  • Micropearl™AU – metal-coated plastic particles possessing a uniform distribution of particle sizes. Allow both conduction and gap properties to be controlled.

Soft and uniformly-sized plastic core.

  • Micropearl™SOL – analogue IC for mobile devices, digital cameras (CMOS image sensor IC); module for communication industry (MCU, CPU, multi-chip module).

Materials for electronic control units in the automotive electronic environment such as, Lidar, RADAR, camera units.

  • EMC / EMI Resin Housing – lightweight electromagnetic shielding housing materials for electronic control units with improved thermal conductivity.
  • Millimeter Wave Absorber – absorber pad to filter harmful electromagnetic noise that interfere or impede with the functionality of modern radar devices especially in the frequency range above 76 Ghz.

Thermally conductive sheet material for thermal management in electronic devices for automotive applications.

  • Fin Type Substrate – thermal release resin substrate DBC with an ultra-high thermal conductivity designed to be used with power modules such as IGBTs for various battery and automotive electronic applications.
  • Manion Series – super high thermal conductive sheet with unique magnetic field orientation technology and low-molecular siloxane content. The ideal TIM for very high heat sources such as CPU, GPU and high energy density LED to transfer the heat from.
  • Feather Series – ultra soft and flexible thermal release sheet with outstanding adhesiveness and compressibility. Reduction in thermal resistance, excellent contouring for uneven surfaces and superb cushioning performance. Effective adhesion to components of differing heights, reduction of stress on PCBs and absorption of tolerances.
  • PT Series – silicone thermal conductive sheets featuring high thermal conductivity with very stable heat resistance and reliable electrical insulation properties. The low-molecular siloxane content makes it safe to use with all variants of electronic devices.
  • XLIM-HL – soft siloxane free interface material with a high thermal conductivity and high electrical insulation properties suitable for various ECU and battery applications.

Thermally conductive grease, so called gap fillers, for the thermal management in electronic devices for automotive applications.

  • CGW Series – a two component industry leading silicone grease curable at room temperature. Excellent workability through its viscosity and Pot life making it perfect for automated dispensing assembly processes. This thermal interface is solvent free and has proven its reliability/stability in LIB applications in the automotive industry.
  • NT-3005 Series – this is the silicone-free and solvent-less type thermal conductive paste with high viscosity, applicable to overmold thermal-radiating device without air pockets. The excellent heat release properties and reliability of this epoxy based dispensable material are also applicable to flexible substrates. This material is a single component heat curing system.
  • WR-023 – this thermal interface grease is a two-component room temperature curable paste designed for the use with electric motors and PCUs. The silicone-free and low solvent material has a very high pre-cure viscosity, excellent heat release properties and high adhesive strength once it is cured.

Easy-peel UV releasing tape with high adhesion, perfect protection and no residue.

  • Selfa®-MP – UV self-releasable protective tape for UBM processes for power ICs. It offers protection for the back of wafers and residue-free realisable through a gas mechanism initiated by UV irradiation.
  • Selfa®-SE – UV releasable tape SELFA-SE used in manufacturing of component-embeded substrates. The tape can temporarily fix components at temperatures of up to 150 ℃ and be residue-free removed by UV irradiation.

Ultra-thin and high-performance foam.

  • Xlim® and Alveolit® – LCD/OLED cushion and gasket, prevent damage caused by dropping; prevent damage caused by water and dust.

Superbe static dissipative (antistatic) performance and an excellent clarity while meeting highest industrial standards. Main applications are shielding for semiconductor machineries and ESD sensitive devices.

  • ESLON®-DC ESD – available in four base materials: Polycarbonate, PMMA(Acrylic), PVC and C-PVC. Among clear transparent version further colours are available.

Process related clean film with outstanding stability and low emission features.

  • Low Outgas Release Films – release films for PCB/FPC heat-press and for liquid-crystal glass processes with drastically reduced outgassing, high mechanical strength and dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Polyvinyl acetal resin and polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

  • S-LEC® B/K – used in applications like ceramic binders, special coatings or adhesives for printed circuit boards. Offers high heat stability for the circuit boards thanks to its high glass transition temperature.