Story // 14.12.2020

A modern place for innovative thinking

“Fusion” and “Innovation” are keywords for SEKISUI. The terms are fundamental parts of the SEKISUI Vision 2030*, leading to “Innovation for the Earth”, and come to life in many corporate processes. For example, when the SEKISUI companies in Europe answer customer requests and challenges by fusing creativity, innovative processes and high-quality expertise. In Japan, SEKISUI’s home country, there is a creative place for innovative thinking: The Minase Innovation Center (MIC) in Osaka.

Five floors of the ‘Research & Development Institute’, which was built by SEKISUI CHEMICAL in 1961, are now used as innovation center and will create new values for both employees and customers – by offering them a common base and fusing internal and external technologies, opportunities and resources. The space is meant to be an accessible, permanent exhibition on products of the High Performance Plastics business – providing latest technologies for fields such as electronics, mobility and building and infrastructure. To answer fast developments in these areas like changes in telecommunications (e.g. spread of 5G) and progresses in the automobile industry (e.g. automated driving) SEKISUI aimed at creating an innovative fusion of business operations and distribution of information.  

Open innovation space

The first floor of the Minase Innovation Center, called “Technology Garage”, is used as an open innovation space for customers with a demonstration area displaying the latest technology and products. The SEKISUI concept car, which was the highlight of the International Motor Show (IAA) in 2019 is also parked in the “Technology Garage” for customer experiences. 

The “Labo Studio” in the garage offers the perfect space for constructive meetings. Equipped with chemical tools to experiment with products, it is possible to find fast solutions for customers or to prove the product performance directly in front of the customer’s eyes.**

From the second floor upwards, there are open spaces for SEKISUI employees. The design of the floors is created clean, bright and open to promote creativity, interaction and co-creation. In-between all workspaces, there are separate spaces for one-to-one talks and confidential meetings. Both the design and the structure of the work processes are based on the principles of “Fusion” and “Innovation”.

SEKISUI’s presence in Europe

The HPP (High Performance Plastics) business plays an important role for the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group, also in Europe. There are several European SEKISUI companies that belong to the HPP business: SEKISUI ALVEO, SEKISUI CHEMICAL GMBH, SEKISUI POLYMATECH EUROPE, SEKISUI S-LEC and SEKISUI SPECIALTY CHEMICALS EUROPE.

* “Vision 2030” aims at doubling the Group’s business until 2030, by expanding contributions to resolving social issues through business growth, reform and creation, centered on ESG management. The vision is based on the statement “Innovation for the Earth”, which emphasises the will to realise a sustainable society by continuing to generate innovations in products and services that enhance sustainability:

** In times of COVID-19, meetings, presentations and prototyping with customers are held digitally.


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