News // 10.01.2022

SEKISUI CHEMICAL recognized for efforts in climate change and water security

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has been awarded a place on the Climate Change A List and Water Security A List by the international non-profit environmental organization CDP. This is the fourth consecutive year that SEKISUI CHEMICAL has been awarded a place in the Climate Change A List and the second consecutive year in the Water Security A List.

CDP is an international non-profit organization that drives companies to disclose environmental information, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources, and protect forests. In 2021, over 590 institutional investors and over 200 major purchasing companies around the world requested the disclosure of environmental information through CDP’s platform, obtaining replies from approximately 13,000 companies and approximately 1,100 local governments.

In its long-term vision “Vision 2030” for the period until FY2030, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group states its vision statement as “Innovation for the Earth: In order to realize sustainable society, we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create ‘peace of mind for the future.’” The Group is focusing on ESG management to improve social sustainability while at the same time achieving profitable growth by the Group.

In dealing with climate change issues, the goal is to build a decarbonized society. SEKISUI CHEMICAL has set a long-term target of zero greenhouse gas emission from business activities by 2050, and aims to switch to 100% renewable energy for purchased electricity by 2030 based on backcasting.

In the area of resolving water risk issues, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group plans to minimize the impact of water risk on the Group in order to ensure sustainable business operation as well as minimize the water risk caused by the Group in order to preserve biodiversity. Through such activities, the Group intends to generate positive return on the natural capital used in its business activities and contribute toward resolving local water issues through products to enhance sustainability and collaboration with the parties in watersheds where our sites are located.