Story // 07.06.2022

Protecting the earth and its resources
SEKISUI's strategy for a liveable world

The earth is home to all of us and the foundation of our lives. Therefore, the planet is particularly worthy of protection – and yet it is strained from many sides.  In times of climate change, loss of biodiversity and increasing pollution of water reserves, it is the responsibility of all industries and each individual to protect the earth, nature, and the environment as best as possible. SEKISUI is committed to participating in this effort and has set itself numerous initiatives, goals, and programmes to stop the worrying developments.

SEKISUI is certified according to the Science-Based Targets initiative

SEKISUI believes that it is important to earnestly confront all the risks of climate change and make every effort to keep the temperature rise to less than 1.5°C. in 2017, SEKISUI decided to apply for certification according to the Science-Based Targets initiative – in order to combat climate change. The initiative is a response to the adoption of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and certifies reduction targets set by companies if they have the potential to minimise greenhouse gas emissions from a science-based perspective. SEKISUI is proud to be the world’s first company in the chemical sector to receive the certification.

For instance, SEKISUI has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated during production. The target is to source all the electricity it needs from renewable sources by 2030. Promising interim progress can already be seen: In fiscal year 2020, SEKISUI already achieved a reduction of 18.6 percent compared to fiscal year 2013.

Clear strategy towards a circular economy in 2050

SEKISUI aims to achieve a circular economy and a sustainable society by 2050. To move quickly towards this goal, SEKISUI introduced a resource recycling strategy in fiscal year 2020 with the aim to minimise the consumption of virgin raw materials derived from fossil fuels where possible. In addition, SEKISUI promotes the recycling of resources through material circulation and strives for a circular economy throughout the Group, including Europe as important strategic region. SEKISUI is strengthening initiatives related to three key points:

1.      Promote innovations that contribute to resource recycling
2.      Expand the use of non-fossil fuel based materials and recycled materials in our business operations
3.      Maximize resource recovery during the entire product life cycle

A major project towards realising a circular economy is the development of the Bio Refinery Ethanol technology. With this innovative development SEKISUI has taken up the challenge to turn unusable waste into useful raw materials and new products. At the beginning of 2022, a 1/10 demonstration plant was set up in Kuji City, Japan, to proof the viability of the technology that converts municipal/industrial waste into ethanol on a commercial scale.    

Water conservation for local biodiversity

SEKISUI also aims to preserve water as a precious natural resource. Water is eminently important for our planet. It is therefore crucial to conserve existing water resources and protect local biodiversity by significantly reducing water consumption.

As a company that operates a water and infrastructure-related business, SEKISUI is cognizant of the necessity to also handle water risks.  With the goal of contributing to a positive return to natural capital we will contribute to the resolution of water-related issues in local communities through the provision of products to enhance sustainability.

Three-year-term environmental plan to secure long-term goals

Under the "Sekisui Environment Sustainability Vision 2050" that was formulated in 2019 we are trying to contribute to solving environmental issues by reducing the environmental impact through our business activities. To ensure that we are on track towards the long-term vision, SEKISUI establishes shorter environmental plans, e. g. for the period from 2020 to 2022.

The various goals and programmes show that SEKISUI wants to live up to its responsibility as a chemical company. SEKISUI reviews its business activities and strives to contribute with appropriate measures and tracking to protect the earth and its resources – so that all our home planet remains worth living.