News // 17.06.2024

Battery Thermal Management Adhesives

The performance and longevity of battery cells is crucial for the sustainable transformation of the mobility industry. The expectations for EV battery packs are therefore demanding and continuously increasing, challenging the next innovations.

EV battery pack designs require an advanced and robust thermal management concept which assures lifetime and performance of the battery cells. The battery system’s thermal management here strongly depends on an efficient and reliable heat transfer towards cooling plates.


SEKISUI’s CGW® TCAs, the advanced thermally conductive adhesives provide both a reliable structural bond towards the battery cooling system as well as a superior thermal transfer. Combining both key characteristics it still is able to maintain a high degree of elongation to follow possible cell expansion and contraction, e.g. during fast charging or rapid discharging. 

The SEKISUI's new designs CGW-2ST (2W/mK) and CGW-3ER (3W/mK) both offer a stable 2-component (1:1) TCA solution optimised for highly efficient and automated dispensing process. This provides an optimal thermal and structural connection of the battery cells to the EV-batteries cooling systems, compensating for dimensional tolerances and thermally induced stress.

They remain adaptable for customer specific design and process requirements like TIM-reworking window or fast adhesion features while still allowing a clear focus on design-to-cost aspects.

CGW® wets the surfaces evenly and without pressure, remains flexible even when cured and connects the cell structures with cooling plates. Thus, ensuring your battery's performance, range and lifetime

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