News // 05.06.2024

New environmental initiative at SEKISUI

Today is the World Environment Day which puts a global spotlight on the pressing environmental challenges of our times. From forests and drylands to farmlands and lakes, the natural spaces on which humanity’s existence depends are under pressure. Find out more about SEKISUI latest environmental actions.

Background information

In 1972, in Sweden, the UN-General Assembly designated 5 June as World Environment Day, marking the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

This year, the World Environment Day focuses on restoring land, halting desertification and building drought resilience. Growing forests, reviving water sources, and bringing back soils are the key points of land restoration, to support human lifestyles and sustainable economic activities developed through the use of the Earth's precious natural capital. A purpose that also resonates with SEKISUI is reflected in our long-term environmental strategy.

The flower seeding project

As the protection of the environment and biodiversity is a priority for SEKISUI, we wanted to contribute in the area of land restoration, and particularly in Roermond, located in the south of the Netherlands, where most of our European production plants are located. In the autumn of 2023, SEKISUI approached the municipality of Roermond with a project to plant native wildflowers around the SEKISUI factories in the Roermond Industrial Park. In total, an area of 2600 square meters was seeded with flowers around all the borders of the companies.

The aim of this flower seeding project was to improve and support local biodiversity. Growing flowers and wild hedges provide shelter, nesting sites and food resources for wildlife. They offer a habitat for pollinators and they meliorate the soil heath while requiring minimal maintenance.



SEKISUI’s long-term vision for the environment

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group is working to address environmental issues with a long-term outlook in a bid to realise an earth with maintained biodiversity. We have positioned the environment as a materiality (key focus area) of our ESG management.

Through its corporate activities, products, and businesses, SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group contributes to solving various natural and social environmental issues. We remain conscious that the business activities we carry out incorporate the earth’s natural capital as well as meaningful social capital from society. We are therefore committed to accelerating efforts aimed at returning such capital back to the environment and society while collaborating with stakeholders.